Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Bucket List

Visiting a local farmer's market last summer
The official start of summer is still a couple of weeks off, but technically I've been in summer mode since mid-May when I completed my 2L year. So what better way to commemorate the occasion than a summer bucket list, right?

I had exactly 2 weeks off in between my last final and the start of my internship, and while a few of those early days got eaten up with packing and driving back to my parent's house, I wasted no time in jumping straight into another kind of summer list. A binge-watch-netflix-shows-and-devour-books-that-have-been-gathering-dust-on-my-nightstand list (I got caught up with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Mad Men, & House of Cards, and read Luckiest Girl Alive) topped off with a little pretend-im-healthy-and-undo-what-finals-and-taco-bell-did-to-me-for-a-month list (morning runs, afternoon walks, salads for dinners, and let's be real absolutely Haagen Daz tiramsu gelato for midnight snacks maaaybe topped off with a little Lay's jalapeno kettle cooked chips).

Well, I quit buying the chips soon enough (I devour a normal sized bag in 2-3 days minimum I can't say no to that spice and crunch). But I digress. When I was done with Netflix and the stack of audiobooks for my commute to work piled up, I still didn't stop with the lists (are we noticing a trend here?). I do a lot of the same things every summer what with NYC being right around the corner, and I couldn't stray too far away from some of my cult favorites. But there's so much more I always want to do so I've compiled just that below. Don't mind the cliches or the more boring and less exciting goal type items. I had to at least remind myself to do some semi-responsible things. Here we go! 

First up, how about those New Years Resolutions you haven't gotten to yet, huh?
1. Read the manual that came with my DSLR. Seriouslyyyyy, so much more to that fancy camera than the auto mode.
2. Domain name, domain name, oh and, get a domain name!

And some more blog stuff...
3. Get personalized business cards made
4. Create new graphics for the header and favicon

Ok, ok, now onto the fun stuff!
5. Two words: bottomless brunch. Do a lot of this. [update: done]
6. Spend a day (eating a lot) at the Smorgasburg in Brooklyn [update: kinda done]
7. Have a meal at a dine-in movie theater [update: done]
8. Check out The Whitney, the city's newest museum of American art [update: done]
9. See a movie at Bryant Park's theater under the stars finally
10. Go to a pool (preferably rooftop, but anywhere where I can splish splash, really) [update: not rooftop, but done]
11. Get a table and play bingo at the Standard (it's supposed to be very trendy or something)
12. Watch the ponies race at the Belmont Stakes [update: done]
13. Plan a fun beach trip (I mean, it is crop top season after all) [update: done]
14. Spend a weekend down the shore at Atlantic City [update: done]
15. Travel to Europe (kind of cheating, since my family is planning a vacation, but it's Europe so it just has to go on a summer bucket list, right?) [update: done // Munich, Salzburg, Vienna & Bratslava]

So, it might not be June 21 yet, but that's no reason not to jump into a summer bucket list. And let me know what must do activities are at the top of your list priorities summer? Comment below!

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