Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, New Resolutions

I usually make New Year's resolutions not because they provide me the incentive to make small (or big) changes to my life that I would not otherwise have the push to make, but because I enjoy the tradition and ritual it embodies. When I was younger my resolutions often involved sticking to responsibilities I had signed up for or household chores, such as practicing the piano daily for 30 minutes or making my bed every morning.

As I got older, my resolutions had less to do with daily tasks and more to do with making time in my day for things I truly enjoyed but rarely allotted space for in my schedule. When I came to law school last year, the list quickly grew to embody a balance between these two categories of work and play. I do a decent job of eating healthy, going to the gym, and getting my class readings completed, so the obvious choices were taken. I wanted to ensure my resolutions looked a little less like chores and a little more like taking the time to find something good in every day. This year I have a few repeats from past lists, but my resolutions for the upcoming year are as follows:

I have some slightly stereotypical ones...
1. Read nightly before going to bed
2. Be more adventurous in cooking my meals
3. Be more proactive with semester long projects

Some I've been meaning to do for a while...
4. Take a class at the gym
5. Host an Indian dinner for friend [update: I hosted an international potluck and cooked Indian food!]

Some regarding my blog...
6. Take more risks in my fashion posts
7. Learn more about taking good photographs
8. Make the transition onto my own domain name

And some personal ones...
9. Be careful about history repeating itself: keep the lessons I've learned from the mistakes I made in 2014 in my head but also keep the understanding in my heart that with the change that 2015 brings past mistakes have the possibility of presenting themselves as future opportunities
10. Stay in my lane: live my life for myself by not placing so much pressure on social expectations, stay away from unnecessary distractions, and understand that I ultimately have control only over how I drive my car no matter who else is on the road

I would love to hear what your resolutions are for 2015. Feel free to share below!


  1. Little, your blog is great! You're a really good, articulate writer. I don't normally make New Year's resolutions but this year I kind of made one. I read on another blog, Minne Apple Girl, which is a fictional blog ( that 1-2 times per month the blogger and her husband get to choose an activity that the other one has to take part in as well. It's a nice way to share each other's interests and do more things together so I adopted the idea as a kind of New Year's resolution for me and my boyfriend.

    1. Thanks Big! I'm so happy you like it! That's a cool idea -- I'll definitely check out her blog too since you know how I am about fictional blogs (a la Josie).


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