Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Five

I'll say yes way rosé to these Sugarfina
gummies any day
I've never been a coffee person. Sometimes I'm a get-a-flavored-iced-coffee-or-latte-at-Starbucks person. But I've never been a gotta-have-my-morning-cup-of-coffee or a I-need-my-afternoon-pick-me-up person.

I want to be one of those people who french presses or cold brews or makes their own almond milk ice cubes... but besides its diuretic effects, caffeine doesn't have too much of an influence on my energy (trust me, I used to down three energy drinks in a row to stay chipper during recruitment at college and I'm still convinced it's a total mind game), and I don't really care for the taste (unless it's laden down with sugar and cream).

Maybe one day I'll become a coffee person (preferably the kind that grounds my own beans and measures each component on a pretentious scale), but I think my secret weapon is just that I sleep a lot. And I really like to sleep a lot.

When I started studying for the bar exam in November, I immediately forewent my weekday tv and weekend social time. In December I eliminated my daily workouts from my schedule. And in January, try as hard as I might I just couldn't bring myself to wake up early to get a solid hour or two of studying in before going to work. By this point I had essentially removed anything enjoyable or recreational from my life... but I still had my luxurious 8 hours of z's and I was hanging tight. I've finally managed to work in one or two exercises completed in a somewhat hazy state from the cozy confines of my bed before getting up to start my day (I do have to say, it does give me a peace of mind to face a somewhat less insurmountable load of bar prep at the end of the workday), but if anything this has just gone to show sleep > coffee, any day.

Not to say I won't one day call a hipster coffee shop a second home (if only primarily motivated by the coffee art for a trendy Instagram), but until then I'll take my coffee solely in the form of a PSL in the fall and a red cup in the winter. And my sleep, I'll take in the 8 (or more...) hour range.

Here's to sleeping well this weekend!

Grey on black (X Formula 'Intrigue') 

Meet the burgernut (which was surprisingly tasty!)

TGIT is back! (Team Olivia Pope, all the way)

Semi-daily phone chats with Saini while I drive home


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  2. Hello, I just found your blog. It's interesting :)
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