Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Five

A deep wine colored lipstick (Bite Beauty in ‘Bordeaux’)
I’ve added to my rapidly growing collection of vampy
lip choices that now range from purple to dark red
Spring break is here! Not like the weather outside is a huge indicator... but nevertheless I am more than a little excited to have a few days off from school. I've been staying busy with homework and deadlines but breaking up the workweek with some fun distractions like my law school's talent show last week organized by the Student Bar Association (our version of a student government), dinners out with friends, and a late night Target shopping spree. The talent show was a ton of fun (lots of guitar/singing spots, a few comedy routines, and an auction for hang outs with professors that got hilariously pricey very quickly) and followed up by a very necessary trip to Cheers our favorite Wednesday karoake spot where I sang more than my fair share of numbers on stage. And expect to see quite a few of my Target purchases in upcoming posts... just in a couple of months when it gets warmer! I definitely enjoyed perusing through Target's spring line (lots of neon, tribal prints, and cold shoulders that I was loving), even though the weather outside is not currently conducive to maxi dresses and crochet shorts. But hey, as of the end of my two classes today, spring break will have officially begun!

While my break will definitely be heavy on the outlining and getting ahead (or let's be honest, really getting caught up) with work, I'm looking forward to having a more laid back routine for a few days. My fall break was really enjoyable with a relaxing balance between work and play, and I'm looking forward to part two with spring break. And even though I won't be able to wear those maxi dresses, the weather is definitely looking up with no signs of snow for the upcoming week and temperatures in the 40s!

This weekend I'll be hanging out with the last of my friends before they head out home and on their trips. I hope you all have a good weekend!

Pleasantly surprised that my quest for the perfect milky pink but still opaque manicure is over (Essie ‘Ballet Slippers’)

In love with my new booties that have a chunky heel and platform lending itself to comfort while its eyelet lacing brings a tougher look compared to my usual more feminine choices

My 3 month wait is over, and I can finally enjoy these back-ordered beauties (LL Bean Boots 8")

A quinoa blend with an Asian twist (a thai peanut sauce) that is easy to throw to together as boiling water - literally!

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Friday Five

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