Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Five

I saw these tissues on a recent Target run and between the
novel design, minimalistic shape, and colorful pattern I was
instantly sold
Surprise! Since it's my spring break, and I stayed at school, I decided to do an unscheduled Friday Five post this week with snapshots of some of my favorite moments of my break. This year spring break was definitely different than past breaks, as the majority of my friends did not stick around campus. Most of my friends went on different trips (Europe, Las Vegas, Japan, and a tropical cruise) and my three roommates traveled home so staying in the Bend was markedly the more subdued spring break alternative. Before they went on their trips we spent the first weekend together by studying in coffee shops, going to brunch, and going out. As always I made the most of my break and truly did enjoy my past few days off by being here. There's something to say about having some alone time and a chance to sit back and relax without a constant schedule to follow and a flurry of people around you.

Only one of my good friends, Kevin, was here this week, but we stayed busy studying together and going through the different Oscar Best Picture nominations. We watched Whiplash, Birdman, and the Imitation Game. I still can't decide which is my favorite! (Any of you have any preferences?) Midweek, my other good friend Rachel K. came back from London/Croatia/Venice (yeah, super jealous!) and we spent some time together going to a local brewery, eating Thai food, having a little photoshoot around the school's lake (which will be featured in an upcoming fashion post!) and of course, any girl's favorite activity, shopping. Throughout today and tonight the majority of my friends are arriving back from their respective trips, and I'm excited to hear of their spring break stories! Being reunited always calls for a trip to Backer (our favorite townie bar that always plays the best 80s music) so you could say we will be ending our break on a high point tomorrow night.

Freshly baked cookies (Nestle Tollhouse's break and bake making the process even easier), a burning candle, and a clean apartment makes settling down for an evening in especially relaxing

The realization that the mid 50 degrees temperatures (heaven to my ears!) are hopefully here to stay got me switching out my heavier winter coats and puffy parkas in exchange for lighter denim and bomber options (Gap Jean Jacket, J. Crew Quilted Jacket, J. Crew Pinstripe Bomber, American Eagle Corduroy Blazer)

Swapping my winter black and navy blue polishes (at least until finals time turns my soul dark again) for pretty pastel options to complement the sunny skies and warmer weather (Sally Hansen in White Out, L'Oreal in Creme Puffs, Essie in Ballet Slippers, Sally Hansen in Mint Sorbet, Essie in First Timer, Sally Hansen in Breezy Blue, Essie in Lilacism)

On a more personal note, I've alluded that this break wasn't the most exciting or glamorous I've had, but moreover, this break wasn't the easiest either for a few reasons. But nevertheless I'm so grateful for having the opportunity to stay here for spring break because I was able to spend some quality time with those people especially important to me. I have so many people in my life that consistently make the effort to show me that I am a valuable part of their lives and that they are proud of the relationships we have. #realfriends.

I've been loving Big Sean's Dark Sky Paradise in particular "One Man Can Change the World," which became a fast favorite of mine evidenced by its play count that has rapidly reached the triple digits this week.

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