Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Five

Where everybody knows your name... and the spot of our
favorite karaoke spot, which was the perfect way to start off
the spring semester the first Wednesday back at school
Two weeks into the spring semester, and it feels like I've been back for two months. I've figured out somewhat of a daily routine between the new classes I am taking and getting in time to complete my readings, go to the gym, and feed myself (think more home-cooked meals and less Lean Cuisines). Between karaoke night, bar reviews, birthday dinners, and hockey games I've also managed to squeeze in a bit of fun (gotta stay sane somehow, huh?).

I have more to look forward to this weekend with an international potluck dinner I am hosting (fingers crossed I don't give everyone food poisoning!) as well as a shopping trip later today to the outlets with girlfriends. I hope you all have a great weekend, and continue to find things to smile about.

Luckily enough the weather hasn't dipped below the mid-30s more than a couple of times, but on the mornings my windshield is frosted over, this de-icer spray is a lifesaver when I'm running late to class

Making a fashionable comeback from the colorful beaded options I collected in India as a child is a delicate and feminine ring bracelet I just added to my jewelry stash

An edgy combination for the perfect vampy lip I have found surprisingly versatile and recently been consistently including in my daily make-up routine (Nars 'Terre De Feu' Lipstick and Sephora 'Beau Bordeaux' Lip Liner)

Expanding my sock drawer to bring a unique element to the uniform of boots, boots, and more boots I will be heavily relying on as the winter season progresses

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Friday Five

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