Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Five

Packages (especially ones from Tobi fueled by my online
shopping addiction) always make returning home at the end
of the day a little more exciting
Winter has been hitting us hard this week with sub-zero temperatures most days and snowy treks to school. Spring break is only a couple of weeks away though, so that's exciting - and a little nerve-wracking - how are we almost halfway through this semester?!

Anyway, this weekend I'm looking forward to celebrating one of my roommates Katie's birthdays and having some downtime with friends. That being said, I will unfortunately - until further notice! - be putting a hold to my Monday 8am schedule. I will continue to post biweekly Friday Fives (and sprinkle in Monday posts whenever I am able) but until things get a little less hectic, I will have to put the breaks on this blog for a bit. Don't worry though - I will still be here, and fully intend on coming back full force when school is not so crazy! Thanks for understanding. Have a great weekend.

A portion of lox is a quick and nutritious breakfast on mornings I want to treat myself to something a little more luxurious while still staying budget friendly (thanks to my local Costco!)

Staying warm in an oversized scarf from my recent trip to Turkey that brings a pop of color and a touch of exotic pattern to my outfit

Channeling Lorde with this purple lipstick (Nars in 'Train Bleu', similar Bite in 'Truffle') I bought continuing my current gravitation to dark, vampy lips

Homemade pink champagne cupcakes to celebrate my roommate Hannah's birthday last weekend 

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