Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Five

Latest addition to my scarf stash
When I was still a student (those were the days), it was difficult to get into the holiday season in the midst of finals prep and stress. Upon entering the "real world," one of the things I looked forward to was that I didn't have to be intertwined with schoolwork at all times other than solely breaks between semesters.

While leaving my work at the office is sometimes more fiction than reality, reclaiming my weekends in the weeks leading to Christmas seemed a sure guarantee.

Enter the bar exam, or rather retaking the bar exam. Because I unfortunately did not pass in July, studying has substituted evening workouts, relaxation at nights, and any semblance of a social life on the weekends. Additionally, it's put a little damper on what I initially foresaw as a bounty of holiday spirit. It's been a challenge to find the time to shop for gifts or the energy to take advantage of the magical nature of the season, which has been all the more reason to make an effort to appreciate those little things that keep me going and smiling.

Annual tradition of mailing out holiday cards (2015, 2014)

It's no red cup, but this spiced sweet cream nariƱo 70 cold brew puts me in the same spirit

Lunch break strolls through the town green

Fueling my shopping addiction one (or two) packages at a time

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Friday Five

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