Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday Five

Mid-Christmas shopping & finding myself a teacup
that will serve as the perfect catch-all on my night stand
I've been home for the past few days now, and this week has been a flurry of last minute errands. I sent out my holiday cards over the weekend, had my annual eye checkup, did the majority of my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve Eve (and Christmas Eve...), and even managed to get myself into a little fender bender leaving the mall. As everyone is safe, and luckily the damage was minimal, I couldn't let that put too much of a damper on my holiday spirits... Even with it being quite the blue Christmas.

 Celebrating the holiday this week I have a few moments highlighted below to show what has been making me happy. Now, as Christmas is over and the weekend begins, I have even more to look forward to, namely plans to spend the upcoming New Years holiday with college friends. As everyone has different work schedules we're elongating the festivities by spending the weekend together first in New York City. I'm excited for our reunion, and I hope you all have a great weekend as well!

Red, gold, and sparkles... nothing says "adult" (or faking it) quite like sending out annual holiday greeting cards to friends

The perfect find while Christmas Eve Eve shopping: soft textures, deep Merlot and forest green hues, and an unbeatable price: $25!

Proof taste buds can change: my new found appreciation for french toast (with homemade vanilla whipped cream) in the recent years

Catching Wild on Christmas Day with my brother Kevin

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