Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Five

Santa's east coast residence
It's only one week until Christmas, which is a little unsettling that time has crept up this quickly but also exciting that the holiday long weekend is so close. I've sent out all my holiday cards (38 of them!) and done barely any present shopping (save a couple of stocking stuffers I've picked up here and there), which I intend on fully tackling this weekend.

I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but mostly I'm looking forward to going to the mall to savor the somewhat stressful experience. I'm expecting a ton of busy shoppers swarming around and I'm bound to strike out at least at some point right when I think I'm about to hit a find that's gold, but I'm hoping inspiration will strike as I peruse the stores. I've always been more of a window shopper than an online browser, and besides that, there's something a little fun (and anxiety inducing) about being around so many other people similarly swept up in the holiday season.

Here's to giving myself a little shopping break from studying, hoping I'm successful at the mall, and have a great weekend!
Courthouse cookie swap

 Festive garlands adorning the stairs

Marble and gold: two of my favorite things (Threshold)

Everywhere you look... favorite childhood show, favorite nostalgic spin-off

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Friday Five

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