Monday, December 5, 2016

Colonial Williamsburg

Trying to become an oyster person (and failing)
My family took a trip to colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown over Thanksgiving weekend, and with the knowledge that most of my friends have gone there only as small children, I wasn't left with the most anticipation for the trip. Upon seeing the sights crawling with said small children, I quickly realized why: it's the kind of educational trip that's a lot more family friendly and outdoor oriented than say a quiet museum.

The slow-paced nature of the area and the lack of a bounty of tourist attractions actually made the destination optimal. Instead of a tiring and packed trip, we had lazy mornings, were able to soak in all the sights during the day, and be back in the hotel with a couple of hours to relax before dinner. I even had time to go to the gym. The icing on my cupcake was the food we indulged in from the seafood Thanksgiving dinner, classic BLT in an old-school diner, a fancy three-course meal downtown, freshly baked donuts, a barbecue feast of pulled pork and hush puppies at a local favorite, and a fried fast food spread at Cookout (I've never been!).

Governor's Palace in colonial Williamsburg

Laughs included

The picturesque main street where we milled around viewing demonstrations in colonial jewelry shops, bookstores, and bakeries to name a few

Decadent foie gras with hazelnuts and blackberries at Fat Canary

 My favorite was the maple glazed and bacon topped donut

Think you could sleep in one of those with thirty of your closest family, friends, and neighbors?

Docked at Jamestown

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