Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Five

Continuing my tradition of sending festive cards adorned
with the US Post Office's annual release of holiday
stamps, this year being an endearing collection of
A Charlie Brown Christmas
It's that time of the semester again: finals time, or more accurately the third of the semester when we're actually law students. It's been a long past few weeks mostly comprised of outlining for federal income tax, and today marks the first day of the exam period. In the next week I will have taken my four exams, lost a little bit of sanity, and crossed off one more semester done.

I've been spending a lot of time in the classrooms studying and not a lot of time doing much else. As much I'm looking forward to winter break and the start of a new semester (when I can pretend I'm not a law student again), I also am savoring these last few moments when my biggest troubles can be solved by preparing for a three hour exam alongside my closest friends. I'll be singing a different tune come this summer when we're studying for the bar exam... but that's a different story.

Long story short: finals isn't fun, but we manage to make it out alright. Below are five moments that have made finals bearable. Enjoy.

Break and bake cookies are the perfect activity after hours of outlining: mindless, productive, and delicious. Added bonus? I can share with friends while we pick up our finals routine of studying in classrooms

Painting my nails is a weekly routine, and I love looking down at my accent nail with its simple but unexpected swipe of silver glitter - taking a little inspiration from these dominoes!  (Essie 'Set in Stones' and OPI 'Tickle My France-y')

Treating myself to a few pretty stems I chose at the grocery store to brighten up my apartment upon arriving after long nights at school

And when all else fails... there's nothing like some retail therapy (Too Faced 'Better than Sex' Mascara, Fresh 'Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream', and a perfume sampler (best of both worlds to choose between Flowerbomb and Nirvana Black!)

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Friday Five

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