Monday, June 27, 2016

Going Solo: Bedroom

This bedroom is near identical to my last, but I couldn't really justify buying new decor when I had just revamped my bedroom last year. It's funny how your taste can change so much within just one year. I still love the purple, blue, and pops of yellow, but after having done my living room in all neutral colors, I can definitely foresee a very muted bedroom in my future.

Here a few pictures showing the layout of my bedroom, which is accessible right off of my living room. There's a full bathroom off of my bedroom, which leads into a walk-in closet with a washer/dryer (I know, so spoiled... this place is the best!).

I don't think I bought even one new thing for my bedroom, save the wall mounting rack for my tv as there wasn't anywhere else that made sense to put it.

Take a look below at my comfy quarters.

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