Monday, January 25, 2016

Going Solo: Kitchen

I've lived on my "own" before but never really on my own before. Does that make sense?

I've lived in double dorm rooms, a single on my sorority's suite, a four bedroom on campus apartment all in college and a two bedroom on campus and a four bedroom off campus at law school. I've shared a bedroom and had my own, lived with roommates and without, been on campus and off, but I've never lived in a one bedroom apartment all to myself.

Most of my friends this year opted to live at the apartment building directly on the perimeter of campus that was exclusively for grad students. Best of both worlds. All of my friends were a floor up or a few feet away, but I had all the perks of living on my own.

My favorite parts of having a one bedroom all to myself? Getting the closet, pantry, fridge, and freezer all to myself (and trust me, save the fridge, I maxed out these spaces). Keeping the apartment obsessively clean and organized (or not, and not feeling badly about it). Not worrying about being a nuisance to roommates when having people over (or getting to leave the party early and retreat to my own quiet space). All the privacy in the world (hello: facetimes at all hours and walking around sans pjs). And lastly, decorating to my heart's content.

Much like last year, the apartment building was only one year old and super modern with nice facilities (study rooms, a gym, lounge, and an awesome on-site cafe). Unlike last year, however, I wouldn't be sharing the common spaces with roommates leaving me to feel free to take over the designing.

Don't get me wrong, I loved having roommates and living with my close friends. But I can definitely appreciate the fact that I will most likely not have the opportunity in the near future to have an entire one bedroom at this kind of rent (overpriced as it was targeted to students, it's still nowhere near a city rate), with all new fixtures, and this much space (570 square feet).

So I went to town buying picture frames, area rugs, throw pillows, and a few too many knick knacks that while visually appealing have no functionality whatsoever. I kept buying neutral items waiting for inspiration to strike with the accent color I wanted to go with. Spoiler alert: never happened. I'm actually really glad I didn't go the colorful route (I think I got that out of my system here anyway). I kept the bedroom essentially as is from last year (99% of that stuff was new anyway) so the purple, blue and yellow stayed there. But the kitchen and living room became an aesthetic oasis of cream, beige, gold, silver, grey, brown... and I loved the results.

Here is a peak of my kitchen, and the rest of the apartment will be coming in future posts!

Hobby lobby vase, TJ Maxx vase filler, Christmas Tree Shop milk and cream holders, Big Lots Mason jar candle, Target salt and pepper shakers, Target rug, Walmart mirror, Walmart doormat

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