Monday, April 11, 2016

Going Solo: Living Room

An overview of the living room
Decorating the kitchen was fun, but decorating the living room was so much fun. I continued the neutral theme that perfectly offset the light grey walls, dark grey couch, wood floors, and brown stained furniture. I went to town with throw pillows, knick knack upon knick knack, and of course the gallery wall. I stuck to a strict rule of not buying anything for the wall that cost more than $10, and I'm so happy with the results. I wanted to strike a balance of framed pieces, mirrors, unique ornaments (the J and animal head), and finding the bottle opener sealed the deal.

My apartment building didn't come with a ton of furniture (hello, love seat instead of couch and TV dinner stand instead of coffee table), so I supplemented the minimal offerings with a comfy foldable chair and another foldable but functional ottoman. I would've loved to get a bigger area rug, some more seating, and curtains, but I'm only living in this place for one year. In any case in my next place I'll be getting all my own furniture so I can go to town then!

I live on the first floor so this provides a ton of natural light (as well as endless entertainment watching the "parking lot show"). While the living room is definitely a little tighter than the kitchen (poor planning on the architects of the building), it's a great space for a student living solo. Not exactly ideal for movie viewings or dinner parties (there's no table), but it definitely does the trick for a more casual gathering with all the floor space.

Take a peak below of my little, cozy space!

My favorite place to curl up and watch tv

A view from the couch (and a glimpse into my photography set-up in the corner!)

A close up of my pride and joy- my gallery wall!

Entertainment unit: Walmart candle, Target bookends,  Gordman’s J, Target globe, Target turtle, Target remote holder

Room Essentials Floor Lamp, Gordman’s rug

Couch: Gordman’s pillows (left), TJ Maxx pillow (right)

Room Essentials chair, TJ Maxx throw blanket

Gallery wall: Hobby Lobby J, TJ Maxx mirrors and clock, Hobby Lobby 'Oh Dear', TJ Maxx 'C’est La Vie', Target bottle opener

Coffee table: Big Lots Ottoman, Target tray, Bath and Body Works candle, Mexico coasters, Target tray, Mexico dominoes, Target jack

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