Monday, February 9, 2015

Purple, Blue, and Pops of Yellow

Moving off campus this year and living with three of my other law school friends was exciting for a multitude of reasons. Previously I have always lived on campus in dorm buildings, sorority housing, undergrad apartments, or graduate student apartments as I did last year. This year my apartment is only one year old, is fully furnished, and has luxury amenities such as a fitness center, club house, and swimming pool (although the weather prevents its use most of the year!). Now with the prospect of having my own bathroom and a full-sized bed there were a few things I needed (a shower curtain  and a new sheet set topped the list), but there were also a lot of things I wanted. After all, this did give me the perfect excuse to redecorate.

I kept with my previous dorm theme of purple and blue in order to keep some of my old things, but incorporated yellow as an accent color to bring a new element into the color scheme. Since I live in such a new, modern apartment, I wanted my new bedroom to look a little less like a dorm room and a little more like well, a bedroom. Out with the clip-on night lamp and in with the table side night lamp. I got rid of a lot of my previous items scored from the "dorm essentials" sections during back-to-school sales and scoured the home goods section for cute bowls to display jewelry, eclectic mugs to store writing utensils, and patterned pillows to bring in some color.

I'm really happy with the finished result, and while my bedroom overhaul did cost a pretty penny I did get a ton of new stuff - mostly from Target, Walmart, Gordmans, and Kirkland. You'll see the look I went for here is quite different from the aesthetic of my childhood room but the final product is one that I am excited to have for my remaining time in law school.

Let me know what you think! Do you like my law school bedroom or my childhood bedroom better?

Room Essentials Bedding, Purple Throw, TJ Maxx Yellow Throw Pillows, Room Essentials String Lights, Threshold Mirror Set, Room Essentials Floor Lamp, Mainstays Clock (at Walmart), Threshold Yellow and Chevron Dipping Bowls, Food Network Egg Carton, Kirkland Desk Hutch, Gordman "J", Gordman Yellow Mirror, Better Homes and Garden Ikat Shade Owl Base Bell Shade and Teal Base, Mainstays Mug, Anthropologie Mug, Threshold Rug, JC Penney Butterfly Chair, Marshall's Blue Throw Pillow


  1. I like both your bedrooms but I like your law school bedroom the best because it incorporates my favorite color (purple) and you have a tv in your room which is awesome!

    1. Purple is my favorite color too! And I was so excited to have a tv in my room this year - I've never had that before. I had bought a tv for my living room's apartment last year, but this year one of my roommates was bringing in a tv for the living room so I got to keep my new one for my bedroom!


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