Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Five

Breakfast for dinner!
Last week started bar exam prep, and I've gotta admit it's been a bit more of a time commitment than the 9-5 timeframe I'd originally anticipated. As such, there hasn't been too much time for fun, and most of what I look forward to revolve around food (enter: the majority of this editions friday five).

It's been nice to study at school every day though around a bunch of familiar faces and be on my own schedule. Plus, this past weekend Saini visited me! I've always wanted to show her around my law school's town and campus, so it worked out perfectly that her trip coincided with Memorial Day Weekend. My bar prep course doesn't give us any days off (including weekends) besides holidays, so I got to take a little break from studying and hang out with her.

We went to my favorite Thai spot in town, toured the campus, had a tapas night, a classic pregame and Backer night with all my friends still in town, a bottomless small plate brunch, a stop at the mall, and a movie and dinner night when we cooked an Italian style casserole. To top it all off, we made the most precious watermelon look a like jell-o shots on Monday and took them to my friend's lake house on the way to the airport. To say the least we stayed pretty busy! I'm so glad I got to share some memories in the place I've called home for the past three years with her, and below are some of those moments.

A quick dinner of pre-cut butternut squash I roasted, ready to eat quinoa with artichokes, and pan cooked mahi mahi

Probably the easiest thing I've ever cooked that still seems so gourmet: oven baked green bean fries!

Pinterest ready watermelon jell-o shots

Late night snacks done right: old school style with hot pockets pepperoni pizza snack bites

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Friday Five

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