Monday, June 6, 2016

Own the Bar

The nice thing about staying in town this summer is that although we're so busy, we can at least enjoy the nicer weather and longer days that the town offers that we don't get to experience during the school year.

This past Saturday we took a little study break to check out a whiskey bar that's set in an old bank. It's one of the few "nicer" places in town and my first time there!

I've also wanted a skort forever so it was the opportune time to pull out this number I just found at a new store in the mall. It's mid-West only, so I'll be going back a few more times to the store this summer to stock up on their trendy pieces while I can!

Brandy Melville crop top, Soprano skort, Target 'Mossimo' wedges, Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac (new gray with gold hardware), Forever 21 choker

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