Monday, March 21, 2016

Pura Vida

The tree house we called home for a week
Continuing the 3LOL dream with spring break in Costa Rica!

I went with a smaller group than fall break in Cancun, and it was a little more low-key (we didn't stay in an all-inclusive resort this time). But it was just as fun filled with days at the pool, evenings on the beach, meal after meal of fresh seafood and fruit, and so many wild animal spottings (the monkeys were my favorite!). We stayed in Manuel Antonio and mostly stuck to the condo complex where we rented a treehouse (yes, a tree house!) but explored the local restaurants for dinner, nightlife, the national park, and even went zip-lining through the canopy! 10/10 would recommend zip-lining... coming from someone who loves a good roller-coaster, this was so much fun!

Costa Rica is such a massive country, and I already can't wait to go back to visit the other cities, beaches and volcanoes. I couldn't have imagined a better spring break with a few of my closest friends. We definitely had quite the debacle getting back to the US (Spirit canceled our flight at the 11th hour...), but I had an awesome time with my friends in such a beautiful place. Between the endless fried plantains, crystal blue water and pristine beaches, the fresh ceviche and tuna, the quirky local karaoke joint, the customary rice and black beans, the luxurious infinity pools, and the excitement of happening upon a toucan, Costa Rica did not disappoint.

Don't look down!

Monkeys are my spirit animal

One of my favorite non-seafood meals comprised of smashed plantains, fresh guac, and a flavorful mango-pineapple smoothie

Picturesque beach at the national park

Roadside coconut water that lived up to its advertisement

Pictures taken with iPhone 6S

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