Monday, November 2, 2015

Fall Masquerade Ball

The last fall ball. This year will comprise of a lot of "lasts," and while fall ball is no exception, this years fall ball also served as a first – the first dance I have ever planned! I love our school's tradition of having fall ball and spring's barristers ball, not to mention weekly bar review, so it only made sense for me to apply for the corresponding Student Bar Association position.

I was so excited to be appointed the SBA social chair this year, and saying I spent a ton of time prepping for our biggest social event of the semester would be an understatement. We picked out a venue, sent out save the dates, locked down an appetizer menu, booked a DJ, printed out tickets, and had a huge turn-out on sales. Since fall ball coincided with Halloween weekend this year, we decided to have a masquerade ball theme, and everyone was welcome to wear masks to the event.

My friend Alex was nice enough to send me her mask that she purchased in London while she studied at LSE for a year. The mask was a huge hit the night of, but it didn't make it into any of the pictures since I took them the next morning. I wore a RVN dress I ordered from Rent the Runway that fit perfectly, and I was excited to try out a white dress for the first time. I also got my hair cut and blown out the day of, which was a nice treat – besides the fact that I lost my original appointment and had to call every hair salon in town at the last minute begging for availability for a walk-in (thanks to a walk-through of the venue that went way into overtime).

Overall, I'd say the first dance I planned was a huge success in execution. The cocktail meatballs flew off the table, the DJ spun upbeat music all night that everyone danced to, and I was happy to see a variety of different masks on the dance floor.

And as for my last fall ball that I'd attend? I got ready with my best friends, took a ton of pictures in our fancy dresses, and continued the night at one of our favorite bars. So, I'd say my last fall ball I attended was a huge success as well!

RVN 'Pyramid of Giza' Dress, Mossimo Heels, Forever 21 Necklace, Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen in 'Crystallised Hipstar' (not pictured)


  1. Love the dress and haircut! I bet you would have planned chi o formals better than I did lol

    1. Haha no you did a good job! And the biggest criticism people had for fall ball was that the lights were too bright lol


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