Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Five

Prepping tasty petite quiches for a game day brunch
We've been so lucky this year. The weather has been phenomenal, snow hasn't touched the ground, and it's actually been sunny for every single game day. Every year there is at least one game where it's poured, and more than one game where we're all bundled up in our winter gear braving an impending cold to root for our team. Well, the last home game is already tomorrow, and I'm not even planning on layering in more than a long sleeve t-shirt and a vest.

It will be a fun one, and the last tailgate I attend as a student. It's all too quickly getting to that point in the semester (yeah, I don't even need to say it... finals mode time) so this weekend will be a welcome excuse to procrastinate outlining and pretend it's still September. And with this weather, it really might as well be.

A few of us have friends and family in town visiting this weekend, so we'll be starting off game day with brunch then heading to the tailgate. The last tailgate is definitely going to be a little bittersweet, but lucky enough for us, we have a little bit of a reprieve until Sunday. The 3L boys flag football finally made it to the championship round after three years, and the final game is in the football stadium this Sunday. And their biggest groupies have decided to throw a little kegs and eggs to kick off the game.

Here's to being an irresponsible student forever (or at least for two more days), and have a great weekend!

An ivy covered wall in a secluded part of campus

A pretty assortment of macarons for an indulgent game day treat at brunch

The reflection pool capturing a captivating image of the undergrad library surrounded by fall foliage

 Planning on catching this weeks game as I did my last: on my couch and with a candle burning

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Friday Five

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