Monday, March 23, 2015

Barrister's Ball

"The better you dress, the more you can misbehave."

Could there be any more true words? Barrister's Ball is an event I always look forward to every spring, and this year lived up to the hype. The dance was booked at a huge ballroom downtown, and we had a fancy sit down dinner of garlic rosemary chicken and white cheddar twice baked potato followed by an ice cream bar. There was a DJ and a lot of dancing (some of which occurred on the stage) followed by a trip to Finni's, our favorite college bar, after the event ended at midnight to continue the night.

I wanted to get my hair done originally, but I wasn't super proactive on booking an appointment... and ya snooze, ya lose. I was excited to have a hair-do that I could pull off myself though, other than the typical straightened hair I can do in less than 5 minutes. Getting my hair cut recently into a bob, I'd been experimenting different techniques with my curling iron and curling wand, and after more than a few tries I had finally found the perfect wavy look for my shorter hair. I actually used my hair straightener to create these waves featured on The Beauty Department (+ this tip), and I loved how it turned out. I rewore a dress from a sorority formal during college, along with a pair of heels that I've had since college -- both of which I've only worn once! Typical.

I got ready with a few girlfriends at Caroline's house, we took some pictures, and then we went to the 2L pregame at Kat and Crispin's, which served the dual role of Rachel L.'s birthday party. Basically, it was all my favorite people in one place. While the night itself was a success, I misplaced my cell phone at some point early into the night, and unfortunately, the next day I had more than a little bit of a mishap trying to recover it...

After retrieving a Longchamp tote bag filled with my makeup, toiletries (in a Coach cosmetics case), perfume, dress, jewelry, XXI crossbody, and the Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. I ultimately decided to take (filled with my digital camera, my wallet, house keys, credit card, debit card, license, charger and portable charger) from Caroline's house... I retraced my steps. My phone wasn't at the ballroom, the car going to the ballroom or Kat's house. But, in the 5 minutes I checked Kat's house, a group of teenagers broke into my car and stole the Longchamp. 95% of the things in that bag are going to be valueless to them - but incredibly expensive for me to replace... So the rest of my day was spent filing a police report, canceling my credit card, freezing my checking account, calling the DMV, and changing the locks on my apartment. I wouldn't say the fun I had at Barrister's was nearly worth that huge price tag, but lesson learned: always lock my car doors and more importantly, don't lose my phone - how this all started.

But hey, at least we were well dressed. ;)

Soprano Dress (in navy), Guess Heels (from Marshalls), Forever 21 Crossbody, Urban Outfitters Earrings, Maybelline 'Glistening Amber' Lip Gloss, Essie 'Ballet Slippers' Nail Polish

Rachel K: Express Crop Top, Express Skirt

Caroline: Angl Dress

Sue: Badgley Mischka 'The Award Winner Gown' (from Rent the Runway), Target Clutch

Ashley: Fashion 5 Dress

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