Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Five

A drizzly day brightened up by the sight of beautiful
tulips in full bloom scattered throughout the campus
Here it is. The start of finals. Today marks the first day of the final exam period. My first exam only starts on Monday, but after that I have quite the jam-packed schedule. Monday is Securities Regulations (YIKES!), Tuesday is Intellectual Property Survey, Thursday is Real Estate Transactions, Friday is Jurisprudence, and Bankruptcy that was supposed to be on Saturday (the last day of exams) got bumped to the following Monday since having 3 exams on 3 consecutive days qualified as an exam conflict. So, these past couple of weeks have been marked with nothing much spectacular outside of long days at school and late nights at the library.

It’s hard to believe that one more year is yet again at it’s close, and while I will be glad for finals to be over, I will definitely miss this place I’ve called home for the past two years as we go our separate ways this summer. That being said, breaks are always refreshing, and this summer holds many opportunities for my classmates, friends, and myself alike. I have finally been able to tie up the loose ends in my summer employment plans, and while I won’t be able to announce just yet where I will be working this summer, it is relieving to know that I have secured something definite for the upcoming months.

I will definitely be looking forward to next Monday when I will be celebrating poolside with my friends after we finish the last of our exams, but until then, it’s enough to know that there is something good in every day, whether this is taking a study break to celebrate a friend’s birthday, or finding a southern diner to post up for the morning to study for a refreshing break away from the chaos. This time of the year is not about finding the balance, but just about staying sane amidst the finals homestretch. But as always, every day should bring you something to be thankful for, something to be look forward to, and most importantly, something to smile about. Below are six of those moments captured below – because hey, it’s finals, but that shouldn’t mean we should be limited to just five things to be happy about. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

 Lining up outside of Target at 8 am was well worth it just for the excitement alone hyping up the Lilly for Target collaboration

A family owned Italian restaurant where we celebrated a friend’s birthday that has the most precious decor bringing the outdoors inside – the umbrellas were my favorite detail!

Taking a break from Taco Bell’s biscuit taco’s (they’re actually pretty good!) for some of the real deal biscuit and gravy instead at a new southern spot we stumbled upon recently

Grocery store sushi is one of my favorite guilty pleasures and without the time for cooking something I’ve been indulging in more frequently

$1 peanut butter-chocolate milkshakes with bacon at midnight after a long night of studying are only made better by dunking fries in them

All pictures taken with iPhone 4 (my apologies!)

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Friday Five

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