Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Five

Freshly falling snow (without the worry or nuisance of having
to trek outside) always has a magical feel and makes staying
in so much more warm and cozy

Surprise! I wasn't scheduled for a biweekly Friday Five today, but this week gave me too many smiles not to share. Plus, I'm going to try to segue into making this a weekly series, especially as I have for the time being eliminated Thursday posts in an effort to balance school responsibilities.

I had a lot of firsts this week. Going to a NBA basketball game and seeing a proposal. Thanks to one of my classmates - and his childhood friend who is now a player on the Kings - a group of four of us saw the Bulls/Kings game this past week in Chicago. And my other first may have brought more tears to my eyes than smiles on my face, but all out of pure happiness. Two of my classmates who met during orientation 1L year just got engaged! They live together now with their two pitbulls, and they've welcomed me into their home countless times for Sunday night dinners. He surprised her in the law school's commons (our version of a cafeteria meets study lounge) during our lunch hour with the undergraduate choir singing 'Daylight' by Matt and Kim (this song will now forever remind me of them). Everyone was welcome to attend (they are two of the most inclusive people I have met), and the proposal was perfect. She was so surprised, and I could not be more happy for them.

I'm not sure the weekend can top off that emotional roller coaster, but I do have some fun plans I am looking forward to. Later today I am going antique shopping in the downtown area and getting Indian food with friends, tomorrow is Valentine's Day so that means I'll be seeing 50 Shades at the movie theaters, and on Sunday I will be celebrating my roommate Hannah's birthday with brunch! Any exciting plans you are looking forward to? Have a great weekend.

Dunkin' Donuts holiday items are too precious not to indulge in - even if this year I'll be my own valentine!

Among the perks of living with 3 roommates is never having a shortage of new nail polishes to try, like this one I spotted on my roommate Hannah's fingers and had to try out for myself (Sally Hansen in 'Street Flair')

Amazing seats at my first basketball game (Chicago Bulls vs. Sacramento Kings)

Congratulations Kat and Crispin (and their puppies Eli and Karma!) - the first c/o 2016 engagement in my law school

Last two photos taken with Canon PowerShot ELPH300HS

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