Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Five

Award season
It's a little strange to have social plans and more than very unsettling to look forward to the weekend, but these are definitely things I can get on board with.

In comparison to my previous 24/7 "on" schedule (minus the time I ate, showered, drove to work, or slept), work has felt more or so like a vacation. I won't feel the same soon enough when I'm drowning in a to-do list a mile long, but there's nothing like having what is essentially two full time jobs to give you a little perspective.

I haven't been to NYC in almost 5 months since late September, which feels like eons to me. To offset last weekend's zen-like relaxation, I have quite the busy one planned this time around, including a post-work happy hour, sleepover with my family friends Anu and Sariga, and marking my return to my favorite city with a bachelorette party for my big Rebecca, and brunch and rooftop cocktails with Brandy, an old friend from Prague.

Because who really needs sleep, right? Have a great weekend!

 Heavy on the crushed red pepper flakes (my favorite pizza topping)

Long awaited pair of Lulu Lemon's

Ramen noodles (with the works) are a staple at my house

Heading to the happiest of hours


  1. It was so good to see you for my bachelorette party! I'm glad you could come!

    1. Same! Thanks for inviting me :) Can't wait for your bridal shower!


Friday Five

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