Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Five

Easing my pre-exam jitters by taking my butterflies
for a walk
It's over!

After the emotional roller coaster and exhausting experience of studying, I am very overdue for a semblance of a more relaxed schedule (I'm sure I'll be biting my words when I get back to the swing of things with work). I spent a couple of days in central NJ living out of my hotel room, and am crossing my fingers I'll have good news in a few months.

I celebrated on Wednesday with southern food and mango margaritas with a friend in that area and on Thursday with cocktails with Ashley after work. It's still a very weird feeling that I'm now able to have a social life!

I'll be spending the weekend on my couch watching way too much tv, catching up on some long overdue phone chats with friends, and shopping at the mall treating myself to hopefully a few good finds. It's the first weekend I've really looked forward to in a couple of months, and I hope you all have a great weekend as well!

Meal prep made easy when my mom makes a double batch of pasta

Celebrations (thanks Ashley!)

The bigger the meatball, the better

Good-bye Barbri books!


  1. congrats! you deserve some rest!
    check out my blog!

    1. thanks! so nice to relax again!


Friday Five

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