Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Five

My mom's annual Christmas fruit cake
(that I never eat)
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

The work week has been a mixture of the usual day in and day out but marked with a few highlights, namely a surprise "baby shower" we threw for a fellow law clerk (with cannoli cake!) and a holiday lunch treated by my Judge at a local steakhouse. I'll be stopping by the mall this afternoon on my way home in a last ditch attempt to scrounge up some of the remaining holiday deals, and wrapping presents tonight (probably while watching Elf).

My bar prep course officially started yesterday, so this weekend won't be quite as relaxing as I'd hoped, but I'm looking forward to taking Christmas Day completely off, seeing family friends I haven't spent time with in a while, eating a ton of chicken biriyani, and obviously seeing what Santa left me under the tree.

I'll be a little sad to see the most magical time of the year go by (after the holidays winter is just really months of cold, snow, and for me studying), but I'll savor it as much as possible these last few days. Happy holidays, everyone!

Topiary wrapped with a bow

Madewell's window display

Is there anything better than getting mail that isn't another credit card solicitation?
(Thanks Saini, Melanie, Jesse, Secret Santa, and Anu!)

Festive cookies for our family's Christmas potluck

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