Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring in the Bend

I've showed you the fall in the Bend, and now I'm showing you the spring.

I'm not sure what my favorite season is, but the spring definitely makes my top four. The pros: blue skies and sunny temperatures without being absurdly hot, colorful flowers in full bloom, the warmth of finally being able to be outside comfortably after a cold and snowy winter, the days getting a little longer, and the general feeling of rebirth and things coming to life again.

The cons: being in law school, I'm often unable to fully enjoy the spring season. As soon as the chill of winter is replaced with the warmth of spring, the days in the semester rapidly mark a countdown to finals season. I can still wear my orange sailboat shorts, sundresses, and gladiator sandals, but lunchtime picnics on the quad and walks around the lake don't last nearly long enough before it's time to buckle down and start our outlining.

Nonetheless, it's at least nice to have a picturesque view from within the confines of the law school and to be able to walk home before the sun has set. This semester, I only had one in-class exam and my finals season was the shortest it's ever been. That called for taking advantage of my newfound freedom and the beautiful weather outside. Below are a few snapshots of my spring walk around campus - iced coffee in hand and outfitted in denim cutoff shorts, of course.

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