Monday, May 9, 2016

Flower Crowns and Scallops

Finals are over, and 3L week has officially begun.

In college the week in between finals and graduation meant a mass caravan down the coastline to Hilton Head, SC. In law school it meant a week of planned activities in and around the area: kayaking at a state park, a Cubs game in Chicago, a Derby themed party, a campfire on campus, a trip to a brewery, and a paintballing trip to name some of the high lights.

Last night was the 3L dinner that featured a buffet spread, dressing up, and our superlatives. I'm pretty small and don't often get the chance to borrow my friends clothes, but I raided one of my classmates closets and it made me seriously regret my petite genes. Going "shopping" in her closet was so fun! I picked out a strapless chevron romper for the brewery, a flowery backless dress for the Derby, and this pale pink lacey shift with a scalloped hem for the dinner

I paired it with a flower crown, my college graduation wedges, and I was good to go. A ton of our classmates were in attendance and since the dinner was held at the hotel on campus, it was super easy to continue the party downtown late into the night.

And spoiler alert: I won "most likely to be on a tv show." Jury's out on what show though... HGTV? Food network? E? I'll take any of the above!

Forever 21 dress, Forever 21 flower crown, LC by Lauren Conrad shoes

Photos taken with iPhone 6S

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