Monday, November 10, 2014

Autumn in the Bend

Going to law school in the Midwest, I've become quite accustomed to rough winters. I thought I was prepared coming from the Northeast, and while I wouldn't say one is necessarily worse than the other, they're simply two different types of beasts. Where I lived in the Northeast, we got plenty of snow, but add the curvy roads and hilly terrain... well, there's a reason we only have SUVs in our garage! Coming to the Midwest, the flat landscape and straight roads were a more than welcome change. But, both the lake effect and the lack of adequate plowing on campus  resulted in huge drifts of snow to mountain up. Anything less than 20 degrees meant I was driving to school, and keep in mind last year I lived on campus! It was still a 15-20 minute walk, but halfway through I wouldn't even be able to feel my fingers.

The never ending snow last year definitely made me appreciate this fall even more - and dread the fastly approaching winter season even more. We had our first snowfall this past weekend, and while nothing stuck to the ground, I'm glad I had made the time to take a walk around campus while the grass was still clear and the leaves still on the trees. The buildings, monuments, basilica, and lakes really are breathtaking. I often forget there is a world outside the law school, and pretty soon I won't want to escape its warm confines. But before that becomes inevitable, I enjoyed being able to capture a few snapshots of autumn in the Bend.

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