Monday, May 16, 2016

Love Thee

I graduated yesterday from law school. Fitting that the culmination of such a monumental event in my life also coincides with the 100th post of this little blog I started a little over a year ago during fall break of my 2L year.

A reflective post is forthcoming (hopefully, shortly), but for the time being enjoy these pictures. We weren't so fortunate to have these pretty, blue skies during the commencement proceedings... the forecast was rainy and our outdoor ceremony was relocated inside the basketball stadium. Silver linings: today looked gorgeous out (albeit freezing... 40 degrees in mid-May!), and we took advantage to at least get those pictures while I still had my rental cap and gown.

I'll be staying on campus for the summer as my lease doesn't expire until mid-July so I can study for the bar exam. So it's not good-bye just yet... This place has been my home for the past three years, and it will be very bittersweet to move on. For now I'm just basking in the rays of my JD, saying bye to my friends who aren't staying here for the summer, and enjoying one last celebration.

Lake with the Dome and Basilica in the background


The real spotlight stealer: our law school's arch

Lilly Pulitzer dress, Seychelles wedges

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