Friday, January 1, 2016

Friday Five

Puff pastries Indian style with curried potatoes and peas
My winter break has flown by, mostly because it's been cut a week short by an intensive skills course I'm flying back a week early for. I've been busy getting to see everyone I can as I'll only be back this August (after graduation... yikes!). I've had brunch at Southern Hospitality (fried chicken and bacon biscuit for the win) with college friends followed by an extended happy hour, spent time in New York City seeing all the traditional holiday decorations, hung out with high school friends, and saw my Big.

I had a more than low-key New Years Eve by spending time at home catching up on more holiday movies. While it would have been fun to get dressed up and ring in the new year with friends, I'm glad I was still able to see most of my friends. And in all honesty, besides the astronomical price tags and excessive sequins, every weekend night at school is essentially the same thing as a NYE celebration.

I'm headed back to school tomorrow, and I'm so excited to start the new year with my last semester at school. I have a feeling this will be a good one. Happy New Years everyone, and have a great weekend!

Obsessed with the accent wall of exposed brick in my brother's apartment

A larger than life holiday LED lights on display on 6th Avenue

The Rockefeller Center Plaza tree overlooking the ice skating rink

1 google search later, and I was sitting in front of NYC's latest offering: a salmon and tuna sushi burrito at Uma Temakeria

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Friday Five

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