Monday, December 28, 2015

Falalala Lalalala

I'm all about the comfy pj's Christmas morning when we stuff our faces with french toast and open gifts around the fireplace. And the oversized ugly sweater during the day when we celebrate with family friends. But Christmas Eve when we attend a candlelight service and take family pictures around the tree? I love getting dressed up in a festive and seasonal outfit (that I'll immediately take off before I dive headfirst into a plate full of chicken biriyani).

I bought this tweed fit and flare dress over the summer figuring it was work friendly and also appropriate for those days I had dinner plans afterwards (a pretty crystal statement necklace would be the perfect accessory!). It's been unseasonally warm around here lately, so I didn't even bother bringing home a blazer in a garmet bag on the plane. (Probably a good thing because I'll have my hands full getting all my presents back to school... including a new tripod, which I'm super excited to try out!) And to finish it all off is a simple pair of black heels.

 Until next year and the next Christmas outfit post, happy holidays everyone!

Banana Republic Boucle Dress, Diane VonFurstenberg Heels

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