Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ringing in the New Year

Leila, Allison, Roxie, myself, and Melanie at dinner
New Year's Eve often involves a lot of hype. Between finding the perfect sparkly dress, figuring out where you'll be when the clock chimes midnight, the flurry of making resolutions for the new year that will too often be quickly overlooked, the holiday is not one for idle relaxation. For me, however, New Year's Eve is the ideal opportunity to do what any girl loves most: get dressed up and go out with friends.

This year was my third year celebrating apart from family, and instead with college friends. We use the holiday as a reunion, as many of us are now living and working in different parts of the East Coast (or studying in the Midwest as in my case). This year it was going to be five of us, coming from NY, MD, NJ, CT and Colombia (her family lives in NY), and we had plans to go to a fixed course dinner at Bacaro along with an assortment of friends of friends as well as a couple of apartment parties.

We ate delicious food, drank bubbly champagne, and rang in 2015 in the best way possible: with close friends by our sides. I had so much fun singing, dancing, and celebrating with my friends, and here's to seeing the tradition continue for many more years to come!

Charlotte Russe Dress, Michael Kors Crossbody (borrowed from my Mom!), Hot Jewelry Box Bracelet

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