Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Five

Monday: flower boxes adding a bright decoration to the windows
at Marianplatz in Munich
Munich, Salzburg, and now Vienna! The past week has been a whirlwind of sightseeing, and I've been having so much fun. I love exploring new places and trying different cuisines so traveling to Europe has been a great adventure. The lack of sleep and bounty of cabbage and dumplings (not my go-to foods) have been more than made up for by all the unique castles, palaces, and parks we've been soaking in. I especially cannot get enough of the colorful architecture adorning every building!

Tomorrow is a quick day trip to nearby Bratislava and the completion of our stay in Europe. This trip has been one for the books, and below are five of my favorite moments of the past week. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday: stumbling upon a McDonald's in the quaint town of Innsbruck, Austria and trying one of its unique offerings, a cherry and vanilla strudel

Wednesday: an ice cream break complete with lady fingers, piroulines, and a treble shaped meringue (an ode to Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart)

Thursday: cruising down the Danube River en route to Vienna

Friday: a fresh kaisekrainer (sausage stuffed with cheese) from a street stand before taking a ride on the world's oldest ferris wheel at Pratar Park

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Friday Five

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