Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Five

A soft pretzel the size of my face
(and with an exorbitant amount of salt)
This week is heavy on the food faves, but nothing beats a good pretzel... or cupcake... or cake... or Chinese dinner... Or okay, maybe I just really like food. I actually had my absolute favorite meal this week for my brother's birthday dinner! The only reason a picture of that meal didn't make this week's five is because I already have a ton of pictures of my family's celebratory chicken biriyani and fried eggplant in my recipes.

So I might have spent the majority of this week eating, but this weekend is all about the beach. I'm excited to head down the shore tonight for a mini reunion with my college best friends (a couple who I haven't seen since before starting law school!) and continue my time in the sun and sand with my family in Atlantic City later on.

Have a great weekend!

Summer editions of my favorite bite-size cupcakes complete with mini macaroon, nonpareil brittle, and rainbow sprinkle toppings (lemon cupcaron, sugar cookie, and ice cream sundae flavors)

Swinging by Chinatown for a late dinner of soup dumplings and kung pao chicken

Celebrating my brother's birthday with caramel tres leches cake

A visit to Ground Zero, a gentle reminder of just how grateful I am to be thankful for these little things in life

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Friday Five

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