Monday, July 20, 2015

Rooftop Skylines

Nothing beats a good city rooftop.

Every time I drive into the city and catch my first glimpse of the skyline full of skyscrapers in the horizon, it never ceases to take away my breath. Those first few seconds remind me of the feeling I had when I was a little kid and would hear the ice cream truck from a distance. Like something special and exciting was about to happen... that everyone was privy to, but only some would find so magical. It just never got old.

I usually wear my skater skirts with crop tops, but for a day in the city with my family I paired this maroon number with a light striped top I normally reserve for my blazers. Some Sperry's to keep things comfortable and my brother's new sunglasses to get a little reprieve from the blazing skies and I was set for a day visiting the Freedom Tower, an evening in Chinatown, and of course a night on my brother's rooftop enjoying the views that I hope will always make me at least a little breathless.

Until next time city skylines.

Ann Taylor Top, Brandy Melville (at PacSun) Skirt, Dita 'Kasbah' Sunglasses (my brother's), Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes, Essie 'Master Plan' Nail Polish

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