Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Five

Happy National Donut Day!
(Cinnabon donut with vanilla glaze)
Surprise, unscheduled Friday Five here! Speaking of schedules, I've been getting more into a routine being at home this past week. I typically will wake up at the leisure hour of 8 am, go to my internship until around 4 pm, then go to the gym for an hour. Not having a long ride to work (last summer my daily commute totaled five hours!) has definitely relaxed my days, and the latest Netflix casualties of my free time have been Grace and Frankie and Friday Night Lights.

I'm also very excited that this week marks the start of my Summer Friday's! While I won't be working in the prosecutor's office on Friday's, I plan on rotating between some of my favorite neighborhood cafes to put in a few hours into the post-graduation job search and, of course, some blogging stuff (duh).

Another big thing to smile about are my weekend plans. I've been looking forward to going to the Belmont Stakes for a while, and I will be spending the rest of the time in the city indulging in brunches and celebrating Alex's birthday, one of my friends from law school who is in town visiting this weekend!

Have a great weekend, and please, tell me you are going to have a donut today!

Having the opportunity to wear my prom dress and reunite with college friends at a wedding last weekend 

Taking a break at a fireman's pond to soak in the scenery during a neighborhood stroll

The perfect mid-afternoon pick me up: fresh seasonal fruit that looks almost too pretty to eat

Growing stockpile of my favorite hot sauce to supply my stash at school
(served here with brown rice sweet potato and sea salt triscuits & spicy hummus)

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