Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Five

My new Longchamp bag in bilberry that arrived to replace
the one I had stolen from my car last week which gives proof
to the fact that this bag is the perfect catch-all as it is one of
the few items that I replaced with a replica of the original
The past couple of weeks have been marked with the usual daily grind of classes and schoolwork but broken up with a few exciting outings and fun breaks. Two of my closest friends Rachel L. and Natalia both celebrated their birthdays these past two weeks. Birthdays are always the best excuse to forget our responsibilities and cut loose for a night (especially since Rachel's was on a Monday!). Other than that, the highlights have been watching March Madness basketball games (my school unfortunately got cut right before the Elite 8) and trying out a new brewery that is Czech inspired (my affinity for the eclectic food options far outweighing the beer since I'm a stereotypical girl). Yesterday was also Saini's birthday (Happy birthday Saini!) so I got to catch up with her and continue our (now two year) tradition of sending each other letters on our special day.

This weekend I have a long weekend off from school, which is a huge perk of going to a Catholic school. I have Friday and Monday off for the Easter weekend, and it pains me to be such a law student when I say I am so excited to have a lot of time to outline for finals. Time has been racing past since spring break, and as always it seems there is never enough hours in the day to get everything done. It will be nice to get a little more caught up, but also with a little light at the end of the tunnel - Easter brunch!

My friends and I have a tradition of having holiday potlucks (or just random themed potlucks) and we had a 3/4 Christmas potluck in October and a Friendsgiving right before Thanksgiving break. Last year for Easter I had made a reservation at a fancy buffet downtown, but this year we decided to stick with tradition and have an Easter brunch. A few of my good friends are going back home for the weekend since they live a little closer, but I'm still really excited since I always have so much fun at our potlucks. They really bring our extended friends together since the guest list is still fairly large at around 50 people but still more intimate than a huge house party with the whole class. But the most exciting part about Easter is that my brother Kevin will be joining! He's going to the Final 4 games and driving into town for Easter since he'll be closer by.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and a happy Easter if you are celebrating! Let me know in the comments what your plans are.

The perfect birthday card for one of my best friends Mary, who is studying abroad with the law school in London this semester, that had the most fitting message on its face with adorable pop-up features

Having the majority of my make-up essentials stolen was a frustrating process to start collecting my favorite products back, but it was also a convenient excuse to splurge on quality make-up brushes for the first time and a new powder foundation that I've been wanting to try after years of sticking to liquid formulas

A little surprise in the mail from my parents that was an unexpected and sweet gesture

Receiving an invitation for a college friend and sorority sister’s wedding this summer who will be the first of us to get married. Congratulations Deanna and Greg!

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Friday Five

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