Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Five

Waking up to no snow, not having to defrost my car window,
and a picture perfect blue sky is a guaranteed way to start off
my day on the right note
We had our first major snowfall of the semester with 14 inches last weekend and the temperatures have dropped about 20 degrees so when we get days with blue skies I'm definitely a happy camper. The past couple of weeks have been marked with schoolwork picking up a notch especially with my 10,000 word note due for my journal this upcoming Sunday. But it's all about balance, and with the law school's bowling league having started last week I've made some time to play. Well, I decided not to bowl this year because let's be honest my favorite part about bowling was always the part when I would walk around to the different lanes and chat with friends, rather than the part when it was actually my turn to bowl. I usually averaged a score of 10 (or less) on any given game, and no that is not a hyperbole. Since bowling precedes bar review, I would even go to the alley in my heels... and be too lazy to change into bowling shoes. So, I would bowl in heels. My score making more sense now?

Anyway, this weekend will be mostly kept busy with finishing (the majority of) my note. I'm on the Journal of College and University Law, and my note involves college athletics. Ironically... since as with bowling, my inclination to sports doesn't go far. On an unrelated note, I'm starting to branch out in creating social media outlets for this blog, and I started off with pinterest to accompany the bloglovin' account that has been set up. If you're into pinterest, go ahead and check it out! It's my goal to eventually have Facebook, twitter and instagram accounts linked up to this blog as well. I have my personal accounts (of course) but time will not currently permit me to manage multiple accounts. Another goal for another day.

In the meantime, below are five things that have made me smile over the past two weeks.

A leopard belt I recently bought at the outlets is the perfect pop of subtle color and fun pattern to break up a basic tee and jeans look

Between the non-carb ability to fulfill pasta cravings and the too-good to-be-true nutritional value (only 2 mg of sodium and a whopping 25 g of protein per serving!), this black bean pasta I bought on a whim at Costco was surprisingly tasty

Pearls and rhinestones add the perfect touch of glitz to an otherwise uninvolved cardigan while offsetting the edgier mood of my top (Ann Taylor cardigan [similar], Express shirt)

My "casual Friday" look to school typically encompasses a baseball cap and this leather one is a fun deviation from my usual pastel options

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Friday Five

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