Thursday, November 6, 2014

Double Double Toil and Trouble

Growing up Halloween was never my favorite holiday. I enjoyed it, and looked forward to it. But getting dressed up, and walking around the neighborhood with my older brother to get a bunch of candy never held the excitement Christmas or my birthday did. Maybe because Halloween didn't mean a break from school, or maybe because chocolate wasn't the most appealing in comparison to a pile of gifts.

Later on in high school I simply didn't have the time, or want to make the time. Instead, I'd "celebrate" my staying in, handing out candy to the neighborhood kids, and doing my mountains of homework. As I got older, however, the Halloween spirit was rekindled. Enter college: an excuse to get dressed up and go out was always welcome. Instead of looking forward to trick-or-treating, I would eagerly anticipate dressing up with friends and hanging out at whatever party we planned on going to.

Now, in law school this couldn't be more true. Currently at the mid-semester mark with finals preparation mode quickly approaching, Halloween served as the perfect excuse to cut loose and have one last (or second to last..) hurrah before it's time to really get serious. Every Thursday we have a law school wide mixer hosted at a different downtown venue, and last Thursday the theme was, of course, Halloween.

I've tried my hand at improvised costumes and quick costume store finds, but this year I thought I'd go for something a little more unique by being a "IAP", or an Indian American Princess. I wore my traditional sari blouse, shoes, bangles, and bag (all straight from India), and paired it with a Starbucks cup to round out the look... Because what could be more American Princess than your basic PSL, after all?

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

Brandy Melville Skirt, Makeup Forever 'N9 Copper Pink' Lipstick, Maybelline '055 Glistening Amber' Lipgloss, Elf 'Black', OPI 'Bogota Blackberry'

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