Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Five

Mini chocolate ice cream cones from Trader Joe's

I passed.

It's an immense relief to feel the validation of my months of seemingly endless efforts and social exile paying off & to finally acknowledge that my best try was good enough. Beyond all else, being able to plan for the next step regarding my future is really what I've been waiting for.

I don't have much else to say, other than that the news is still a little unbelievable. I'm very grateful to be stepping out of this period of purgatory and moving forward with my life.

I'll be celebrating with a Redbox tomorrow (my newest favorite thing), brunching with family friends for an early Mother's Day celebration on Saturday, and partaking in Cinco de Mayo festivities with unlimited margaritas at brunch (surprise, surprise) on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

Flowers in full bloom that I drive by on the way to work

Glassmaking Wednesday's with Ashley

Splurging on an Amy's frozen meal for a desk lunch

A little Lilly brightening up my work space


Friday Five

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