Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Five

"Rub my belly for sweet luck"
The days are long, but the weeks are fast - still fitting in yet another stage of my life.

It's hard to believe it's already been three weeks since I took the bar exam and opened the door to freedom. It seems like I just blinked my eyes, and here I am almost a full month later. Since then, I've taken my professional responsibility exam, gone to a couple of bar association networking events, and now face the task of tackling job applications.

I'll be dipping my toes in those waters this weekend, while on the couch binge watching tv, of course. I tried watching E's The Arrangement (the parallels with a certain rumored Hollywood contract marriage drew me in but I haven't been impressed with the plot or actors), and I am currently hooked on HBO's Big Little Lies (has everything the former lacks - I even googled the ending of the book it's based on and I still can't get enough). Any other shows I should put on my to watch list?

Besides that, I have a couple of brunches I'm looking forward to in the town I work. It'll be fun to enjoy taking my time around the green rather than the rushed sandwich runs I make during the workweek. 

Have a great weekend!
My dad’s Sunday night steaks

Finally found a pair of white jeans

 A kitschy trio of jelly beans that I hope taste as good as they are unique

Stone boxes my Dad brought back for me from India


  1. Hi there! Make your images a little smaller so they don't run into the sidebar. Makes the page look squinty.

    1. Thanks, I'll fix it! I'm not sure what happened when I changed blogger templates but it messed up the side bar a bit.


Friday Five

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