Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Five

Staying warm in chambers thanks to
this new addition
It's Friday, and I couldn't be happier.

Okay, I take that back. If it was Friday, and my weekend plans comprised of no studying, I'd be way happier. But it's the weekend, and I'll take that much.

Between getting reamed out by a very angry litigant, putting in a stress inducing request for time off pre-bar exam, and having one too many late nights at work, this week hasn't exactly been a dream. I am thankful though, to work with people I enjoy being around and can genuinely count on. From my judge making a phone call to said angry litigant's lawyer in my defense, my fellow law clerks fielding more than a couple of my "should I grant this motion or should I not?" questions, and receiving a thoughtful check-in from my predecessor law clerk, these are the moments when I realize I'm lucky to be a part of a supportive team - in a way similar to how my law school classmates made up such a special and close knit community.

I'll be spending my weekend bookmarking a few too many purses while online window shopping (I plan on treating myself to a new crossbody upon the completion of the exam!) and catching up on plenty of constitutional law. Until next Friday, have a great weekend everyone!

Mexican... with a side of fries

My study digs at home (a fave minus the studying part!)

The best part about my nightly garden salads: the croutons

A sweet gesture from Jackie to get me through studying
(and the perfect excuse to try out Starbucks' new sous vide eggs!)

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Friday Five

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