Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Five

Nostalgia with a twist
I have a little less than six weeks until I retake the bar exam, and daily I oscillate between wishing time could slow down tso I can gain extra study time and counting down the days until this process is finally over.

I've been studying since mid-November with the schedule really cranking up late December when my online course started, and some days I worry I'm already nearing burnout level. It's hard having what seems like two full time jobs -- especially when neither are entirely exciting or inspiring. And it's tiring to be mentally "on" at almost all waking hours of the day. To say I can't wait to regain my couch potato hours when the work day is over is more than an understatement.

Until then, I keep reminding myself of the finish line and the proverbial pot at the end of the rainbow. But this rainbow isn't so colorful as it is busy, draining days at work followed by long, challenging nights of studying. And that pot of gold is a minimum score of 266/400.

The next six weeks will be incredibly mentally taxing, mind numbingly slow, and excruciatingly fast, but hopefully when the time comes, that pot of gold will glitter brightly with a passing score. Until then, here's to another weekend holed up in my pajamas preparing for the exam, and hoping yours is a little more exciting.

Possibly the biggest flag I've ever seen

Sweets from the motherland

Freshly painted manicure (X Formula 'Obsessed')

Morning laughs during my commute

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Friday Five

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