Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tis the Season

Taking finals until the 20th, and only coming home the 22nd, the Christmas season always seems to creep up on me out of nowhere since law school exams always extend late into the month. As a kid the holiday would be hyped up by drafting Dear Santa letters in October and anticipation rising by helping my parents put up the tree and singing carols with the door-to-door carolers. Now, Christmas really does seem to appear behind a blind curve after a rocky road of exams and papers, especially without the distractions the holiday usually poses if I were at home.

Our usual tradition is to attend our church's candlelight service on Christmas Eve, take pictures in our semi-formal wear by the tree, and enjoy a celebratory meal of Indian chicken biriyani and fried eggplant. On Christmas morning my brother and I usually take the reins in the kitchen and after the dishes are washed we all open our gifts before heading out to a family friend's house for the annual party. It's also been a recent custom for my brother and I to break up the day with a trip to the movie theater to watch one of the Christmas day releases. This year Kevin and I made eggnog french toast with vanilla bean hazelnut whipped cream and saw Wild.

I hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable day celebrating the holiday season with those close to you. Merry Christmas!

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