Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Fighting Irish

The last game day, the last tailgate... The second to last week of November marked the last home game of this year's football season. Despite our team's loss that day, the tailgate marked a good day to end the season. The weather was surprisingly pleasant in the low 40s, with only a sprinkle of drizzles to dampen our spirits.

Now, right in the midst of final exams, the thought of game day's are a little bittersweet. Coming down the final homestretch of the semester, I'm looking forward to winter break starting shortly and the end of the final exam period.

In the spring semester we won't have game days, but we will have the law school's bowling league on Thursday nights. They might keep us busy here, but at least we have a few pleasant distractions! Until next fall, cheers to the last tailgate.

Notre Dame Law School Holiday Sweater, Gap Scarf, University of Notre Dame Tassle Knit Cap, Under Armour Eye Black Stickers, Maybelline 'Berry Ready' Lipstick

Caroline: University of Notre Dame Crewneck Sweatshirt, Columbia Jacket, Under Armour Knit Cap, Under Armour Eye Black Stickers

Rachel: University of Notre Dame Sweatshirt, J. Crew Vest, Nordstrom Scarf, J. Crew Sunglasses

All photos taken with Canon PowerShot ELPH300HS

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