Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Five

Fall meets winter on a crisp yet sunny November morning
I toyed with the idea of starting this series for a while now. I drew motivation from similar series by two of my favorite bloggers: tuesday things. by Jessica of How Sweet It Is and Five Things by Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere. The concept is simple; as the week draws to an end, I will highlight a list of five people, places, or things that have been making me happy in an effort to close the work week on a positive note and welcome the weekend refreshed.

The prospect of starting a new tradition here was exciting in that it gives me an opportunity to include reflections on everyday, uninvolved happenings that are not necessarily elaborate or ordinarily celebrated. But, I was nervous to take on the responsibility of an extra weekly deadline that lends itself more to spontaneous content rather than structured themes, giving me less leeway to prepare for posts in advance.

Ultimately, I couldn't resist experimenting with an additional outlet for creative content in an original manner. To start off this will only be biweekly in an effort to not overextend myself (finals are coming up, after all...), but this will become weekly eventually. I hope you enjoy this new series, and happy Friday!

 Staying warm in my most recent winter purchase: a black tweed vest lined with grey fleece

The Golden Dome on another aut-inter afternoon

A nutritious but tasty salad for a quick weeknight meal

Christening my first red cup of the season with Starbucks’ new holiday offering: a chestnut praline latte

First, third, and fourth pictures taken with iPhone 4S

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Friday Five

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