Monday, July 13, 2015

Work Week Blues

Tiered top. Asymmetrical jacket. Skinny ankle pants. Pointy toed high heels.

Not exactly what you would picture when thinking of the typical white collar uniform, but I've never been one to be confined too strictly within square lines. Even when dressing for the traditional workplace setting, I've found there's simple ways to highlight distinct tastes as to not stray too far away from my personal aesthetic. I like to do this without reaching for a statement piece of jewelry or bold colored purse. Instead, I usually keep my accessories understated and minimal, while choosing tailored pieces and clothing with unique elements. While my job may call for conservative attire, the thought of a stuffy suit and bland button-down oxford are really the least of my options.

If my day involves meeting with a client or an appearance in front of the judge, I may pull a more formal blazer out of my closet. Yet, on days I'm headed to the office this moto style jacket with an asymmetrical zipper closure and rougher knitted texture is perfect to balance the feminine tiered layers of my pink sleeveless top and the sleek and fitted look of my slacks. I especially love how these navy pants hit right at my ankle highlighting my black pointy toed pumps. I don't think there's a fashion rule to have ever been created that wasn't meant to be broken, and in my book that absolutely holds for the age old stance against mixing black and blue. So, break out that grey and blue and black and even that pop of pink and forget about that matching pinstriped pant suit you may have selected otherwise.


Ann Taylor Top, Banana Republic Jacket, Banana Republic 'Sloan' Pants, Diane Von Furstenberg Heels, Forever 21 Sunglasses, Essie 'Master Plan' Nail Polish

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