Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Five

Not wunderunder's but I'm pretty happy with my first
lululemon purchase that will keep my bob out of my face
(headband in heathered black)

Even though I have Summer Friday's, the fact that today is a federal holiday makes the long weekend feel just a tad bit more special rather than a normal occurrence I've grown accustom to. I'm excited to barbeque with family friends tomorrow for the 4th of July and keep the festivities on the low-key side. Since I've been traveling so frquently lately and going into the city every weekend in between my trips for the past month plus, I'm looking forward to staying local this weekend and spending most of my time relaxing at home.

Check out the new tumblr account I've made for the blog, and let me know what your plans are for the 4th of July!

Family style brunch at Beauty and Essex (grilled cheese dumplings with bacon in spoonfuls of tomato soup and huevos rancheros with braised short rib)

Onto my next audiobook, this time on my iPhone for added flexibility: The Girl on the Train

My daily makeup stash for days I'm applying a little more than just a coat of mascara
(Smashbox Primer, Bare Minerals Foundation, Nars Blush, Lancome Mascara, Benefit Highlighter, Elite Eyeliner, Fresh Lip Tint, Sephora Brushes, Aerie Whoa!! Rollerball)

Always all for trying new flavors of the classic chips and dip combo
(balsamic vinegar and basil triscuits with lemon rosemary focaccia hummus)

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Friday Five

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